What is Fruit Salad?


Hello world.

This, my friends, is a script of my life. Really, my thoughts. Really, whatever the prodding stick of the Daily Prompt attempts to extract from me that day. But here, you will find my unique view of the world around me. Why, unique, you might say? Because everybody’s is unique, and mine is but a speck amid the seething bubble of human thought that pervades the world.

And what a brilliant world it is.

So there you go, my comrades – please, have a look and read. Judge, as I know you will, for none can resist, and I encourage you, judge away. Perhaps you may see a reflection of yourself in these words, perhaps not. People will disagree, and by no means do I mean to please everybody. But there is one cardinal sin which I would never commit – to be boring.

So, enjoy – and if you find interest in the art of blogging yet have delayed your words from spitting out into the world – I implore you to delay no further. There is a joy in writing, unexplainable almost, that makes it so very fun…

Oh, what was that? 10 years from now, you say? This blog’s nature has been consistent throughout the entirety of its short existence, and I don’t intend to change it. A fruit salad is a mosh pit…a melting pot of all shapes and colours that come and mingle in newfound harmony. Delicious, yes?


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