Do I have a mentor? Do I necessarily want a mentor? What would a mentor be like? A mentor in what, exactly – life in general?

No, perhaps, quite nice I think, and yes – I assume this means, a mentor in life and all of its aspects. The basic point is that I don’t agree with anybody in my life about everything, and that’s because we are all unique with different views and opinions. My concern about ‘mentors’ is that they might transform us into propagations of their own identity. George’s mentee might become George 2.0, and so on. Good mentors would try not to steer their mentees in one direction, but to ensure that they walk their path as best as they can.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that having a mentor would be somewhat of a hassle…constantly being hounded by someone who eats your spare time like a fat kid eats butter. But then again…it all depends on the mentor, I suppose. However, I think it would be quite nice to have one whose views I can relate to and agree with – something that shares the same values in life as I do and doesn’t try to impose his differing opinions on me but rather considers and understands my point of view. So far, I have lived just fine without a mentor, using only the voices in my head to guide me – rationally and competitively. But if I am to explore new territory, I would appreciate an other to guide me, if only just a little.

Now, what if I get a board of mentors? One mentor for this…one mentor for that. Yes – that could work. For a specific issue, I could gain the opinions of all and make my own decision. That way, at least I won’t become a copy of any one person. Alas, there aren’t many people in my life who I would accept as a mentor. Not because they’re incapable – but because I believe that the relationships we have thrive off how we know things that the other doesn’t…and how we can learn from each other this way. Symbiotic mentorism. Now that’s an idea I like.


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