My Google Endeavours


The truth is – you probably don’t want to know. In my continuous search for knowledge in that brilliant intellectual landscape that we call the internet, I have come across many things of many varieties, plenty of which I rather wish I hadn’t seen. But – here, I can spare some of the more interesting questions which I have searched up in my free time.

Do Penguins have knees? – They waddle around, so my guess was that they don’t, they simply move their upper leg joints to walk. Hell, I didn’t think they had much of a leg to begin with. But as it turns out, Penguins indeed have knees, although they are positioned in such a way as to render them almost insignificant in my view, tucked in so deep into the body that they might as well have lacked them in the first place. Of course – I’m not an expert on the Anatomy of Penguins, so they may very well serve some higher function than the one which they currently seem to flop at, but if one exists at all, I haven’t heard of it.

What happens when two mind-readers read each other’s mind? – Simultaneously, that is. If A reads B’s mind, and B reads A’s mind, then A and B are both effectively reading their own minds, but their own minds are reflection of each other’s mind, so they would be reading their counterpart’s mind, which is actually their own mind…and so on. It’s a tough question – that is, until one considers the speed of light. Telepathic transmissions can only travel at a finite speed, which happens to be roughly 300,000,000 metres per second in a vacuum, and slightly slower in air. That means that at t=1, A will receive B’s mind and vice versa, but at t=2, A will receive his own mind again, and the same will happen to B. At t=3, the condition of t=1 is present, and so on.

Right…now here’s where the difficulty creeps in. If I receive Mind A twice, will my brain require twice the ‘memory space’ to contain that information, or, due to the overlap, will it require no more memory at all. I’m somewhat tempted to conclude that the only ‘new’ memory space occupied by the second receipt will be the new information gained, and that overlapping information won’t take up any more space at all. For example, no matter how many times I tell you that “apples are red”, that bit of information, “apples are red”, will always occupy a space in your brain, although in that specific scenario, you are receiving new information in the form of , “he has told me once”, “he has told me twice”, “he was told me thrice”…

In that view, it seems as if receiving Mind A an obscene amount of times will not overload my brain. And, as it so happens, this repetitive receipt situation will occur with two mind-readers standing at a respectable distance. Telepathic transmissions are fast…very fast. Ignoring the processing of information in the brain (which is also very significant), two mind-readers standing 50 metres from each other will exchange minds at a rate of 6,000,000 ‘packages’ per second.  With this blistering fast speed, it is almost as if A and B are ‘synching’ minds, each reader sharing the minds of both of them. So, there’s my take on this problem.

Can homosexuals be sexually attracted to themselves? – Now, this question has bugged me for ages, because theoretically, it should be possible, right? However, numerous searches on Google have concluded to me that the answer is “no”. Homosexuals are attracted to other members of their gender, and no more attracted to themselves as straight people are. Indeed – such a sexual attraction to oneself would be called autosexuality, not homosexuality. Interestingly enough, human minds are supposedly designed to avoid attraction to members of similar genetic make-up, such as family members, so this does not seem surprising – seeing as the similarity between your DNA and…your DNA is 100%.

Now, I would first like to clarify that I am in no sense an expert on any of these topics, but this is just what I have found (in the case of the mind-reader question, I just used logic and physics). I would encourage you to entertain your curiosity and search these things up yourself if you’re interested. Remember, “The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein. “Curiosity has its own reason for existing”. On that note, I wish you the very highest of enjoyment whilst exploring the weird and wonderful world that we call the internet. It is, after all, the signature of humanity itself.


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