The Easiest Cure


This specific disease claims thousands of lives every year, and it has persisted throughout the entirety of mankind’s history. It one served to aid us, believe it or not, but now it drives us to do the most unspeakable of things and abandon the facilities which border us from savagery – namely, those in our heads. Indeed, Aggression is as part of the human experience as anything could be; it writes its name on our DNA and whispers in our ears when we are at our most vulnerable.

Fortunately, there is a cure. It is painless, and free, but it does require you to control yourself. The cure is to think. When you feel that sharp tingling in your hands and they feel the urge to damage whatever or whoever is around you, pause and take a moment to just think. “What am I doing?” you should ask yourself…or perhaps, “Is it really necessary to hurt someone?” If you do act out of aggression, you will regret it. Either resolve the issue peacefully or simply walk away. Running from a fight does not make you a coward, it makes you clever. Dealing unnecessary damage does not make you a bad-ass, it makes you an idiot. So please, ladies and gentlemen, just think.


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