No Such Thing as Paradise

When these and those alike clamber at my door, what would I hand to them, you say. Everything they’ve ever wanted, of course. I’ll give them the life of their dreams – the goals that we all climb towards throughout our existence, yet some of us never reach. I’ll give them heaven. And then, they’ll be begging me to take it back.

I’ll give them success…prosperity, wealth and fame, riches beyond their dreams. I’ll give them world peace, a release from struggles left and right, a life where you know what comes next, where worries are nothing but myths.

But then the great irony of life will come down on your shoulders. You’ll realise, what you’ve been fighting for is an end you’ll never desire. Instead, it’s the chase itself…the presence of worry, failure and uncertainty, that gives life its flavour. You’ll come to realise…that the perfect world is not so perfect after all. But if you make it, the world around you can be perfect as well.


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